– Dr. Denise Villa, CEO of The Center for Generational Kinetics

Why was the We Are Z Podcast created?

Two nationalities, two cultures, two societies, same generation. High schoolers Paul Lohmann and Jimmy Shi are seeking to unpack the often misunderstood generation: Gen Z. From snapchat streaks to music, many have long been perplexed by these popular trends. In their best attempt to explain the appeals, motives, and perspectives of Gen Zers, Paul and Jimmy decided to start the We Are Z Podcast. They are also joined by special guests in each episode to provide a unique third opinion.

About us

Born and raised in The People’s Republic of China, Jimmy Shi speaks Chinese, Cixi Hua and is getting better at speaking English. He attended both public and private schools in China from kindergarten through eighth grade, where every single student is Chinese (duh). For a better education, he decided to study abroad in America. Originally from Zhejiang, he now resides in Franklin, Tennessee and is a golf addict.

Born in Los Angeles, Paul Lohmann speaks English and is struggling to learn Spanish. After moving from different states across the U.S., learning from different systems of education, and traveling around the world his whole life, he has gained unique experiences that greatly diversified his perspective. Paul currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee and has beaten Jimmy in golf…once (which he is proud of).

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