Our Team & Guests

Our Team

Paul Lohmann
Co-founder, Co-host, and Chief Editor of the podcast

Jimmy Shi
Co-founder, Co-Host and Outreach Manager of the podcast

Kevin Dennis
Episode Content Consultant

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Special Guests

Season 1

Matthew Roberts (Episode 1)
High school Junior featured in the Snapchat episode of the Podcast

Robert Huntington (Episode 2)
High school Junior featured in the Juuling episode of the podcast

Dr. Jamie Griffin (Episode 3 part 2)
Head of Upper School at Battle Ground Academy. Former officer with the United States Marine Corps. Featured in the two part Education Episode

Dr. Jamie Madigan (Episode 4)
Expert on the psychology of video games. Author of “The Engagement Game” and founder of “The Psychology of Video Games Podcast”. Featured in the Violence in Video Games Episode of the Podcast.

Dr. Kathy HoganBruen (Episode 7)
Clinical Professor of Psychology at George Washington University. Founder of District Anxiety Center. Featured in the Coronavirus II – Fighting the Fear Episode of the Podcast.

Andrew Littrell (Episode 8)
Digital Creator and Co-Host of the “Talk This Way” podcast. Featured in the A “Fresh” Review on Movie Culture Episode of the Podcast.

Trace Alexander (Episode 9)
Avid Cross Country Runner and Oatmeal chef. Featured in the First Episode of Sidebar (Trace and His Oats).

Kiev Graham (Episode 10)
Sneaker enthusiest and owner of Diverge.shop. Featured in The Market and Culture of Wearable Art episode of the Podcast.

??? (Episode 11)
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